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Two Great Ways To Lose The Lint:

Directly through the trap and from outside the vent

Dust Lizard™ is great for all these

About the Lint Lizard™ Lint Tool

Your dryer runs forever and your clothes still come out damp. Now you can speed up your dryer by up to fifteen minutes! Introducing the Lint Lizard™ - It's like a magic wand that cleans deep into any dryer. The flexible Lint Lizard™ attaches right to any vacuum hose and clears out all the lint that gets past your lint screen. A clogged dryer works harder. All that lint can burn out your motor or worse, start a dangerous vent fire. It's a full 40 inches long and cleans deep into your vent system, grabbing all the packed-in lint that's choking your dryer!

After a quick cleaning with the Lint Lizard™, your dryer vent is clear, making it work less and run more efficiently. Old fashioned lint brushes pull out some lint and the lint gets everywhere! Lint Lizard™ cleans deeper and sends the lint right into your vac bag. Vacuuming between machines and under appliances is a snap! Take it outdoors to vacuum your outside vent!

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